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Atılım University

17th Year of Pioneering Education, Research and Community Outreach  

Atılım University was founded on 15 July 1997 in Ankara. The ongoing academic year of 2013-2014 marks the 17th anniversary of the foundation and commitment to excellence in education and research activities which strongly connected to all stakeholders and university staff.
Thanks to its uninterruptedly contiueing investments, Atılım University has made significant progress within this period on its way towards becoming an internationally recognized research university.

Vission: Atılım University will reach to the world to enhance the international network of the university to constitute stronger partnerships and cooperations; to attract the brightest students and world-renowned scholars while disseminating the knowledge produced for humanity.
Mission: To set up a body that pursues newer and sound partnership opportunities worldwide while hosting international students and staff from as many different countries as possible and delivering the highest caliber supplementary services to our prospective and ongoing students.

Tuition Fee
Undergraduate: $ 7.500-$ 8.500 (per year)

International Student Scholarships
Atılım offers scholarship opportunities in the form of partial tuition wiaver from 33 % to 100 % that reward the success during the time spent in the university.

A World University
Atılım University belives that the presence of international students and staff contributes much to realize strategic commitments regarding internationalization of the university.

They both enrich the academic life and cultivate multi-national and multi-cultural atmosphere of the campus.
Atılım University welcomes international students from any corner of the world and be absolutely glad to host them at our university.

Why Atılım University? 
1. Atılım recorded remarkable success in every aspect of higher education, research and community outreach within 17 years, since its establishment- highly reputable internationally.
2. Thanks to its uninterruptedly continueing investments in the field, Atılım has become one of the leading, most innovative and preferred foundation universities of Turkey.
3. In accordance with the strategic goal of being an international university, Atılım develops curriculums at international standarts, compatible with international credit transfer systems.
4. Likewise, Atılım chose English language as the medium of instruciton in order to be genuinely integrated in the universal academic system.
5.Atılım offers good opportunities to its students to learn and develop skills in a second language, or more.
6. Consequently, it is statistically measured that 92 % of Atılım’s alumni, which is over 6,000 at the time being, have been recruited after graduation.
7. Atılım has established more than 70 partnerships with eminent higher education institutions from different parts of the world, an important part of which is from among the EU countries, and it allows its international students to benefit from this unique opportunity to diversify their experiences as an exchange student.  
8.Atılım recruits high caliber, internationally experienced and dynamic academic staff in order to actualise the bold and challenging premises stated in its strategic plan.
9. Atılım’s library is the 4th largest in Turkey, either by size (serves in the recently launched modern building) or by its rich content.
10. Atılım has 115 state-of-the-art research and application laboratories and excellence centers in use of our students from undergraduate degree to doctorate, either for instructional or project needs.


Faculty of Management

  •  Management (English)
  •  Management (Turkish)
  •  Economics (English)
  •  Economics (Turkish)
  •  International Relations (English)
  •  Public Relations and Advertising (English)
  •  Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish)
  •  International Trade and Logistics (English)
  •  Tourism and Hotel Management (English)

Faculty of Engineering (All in English)

  •  Automotive Engineering
  •  Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
  •  Civil Engineering
  •  Computer Engineering
  •  Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  •  Energy Systems Engineering
  •  Industrial Engineering
  •  Information Systems Engineering
  •  Information Systems Engineering (Dual degree with University of the Incarnate Word/USA)
  •  Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Mechatronics Engineering
  •  Mechanical Engineering
  •  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  •  Software Engineering

Faculty of Arts and Sciences (All in English)

  •  Mathematics
  •  English Language and Literature
  •  English Language and Literature (Dual degree with University of the Incarnate Word/USA)
  •  Translation and Interpretation (English and Turkish)
  • Psychology

Faculty of Law (Turkish)

Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (All in Turkish)

  •  Architecture
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
  •  Fashion and Textile Design
  •  Industrial Product Design

Higher School of Civil Aviation* (All in English)

  •  Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance
  •  Avionics
  •  Aviation Management

* Awards BSc degree in 4 years.

Vocational Higher School (All in Turkish)

(Distance Education)
Associate Degree Programs

  •  Computer Technology and Programming
  •  Management of Tourism and Accommodation