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BAU Global

BAU Global Network is comprised of higher education institutions located throughout the world. This international network welcomes students from all over the world and offers the highest standard of education in each of its locations. Students and graduates of BAU Global form an academic community spread over three continents (North America, Europe and Asia) and in seven countries. BAU Global network comprises 5 universities, 3 language schools and 5 branch campuses. BAU Global universities offer hundreds of undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs in architecture, art, business administration, design, education, engineering, health sciences, information technologies, law, and medicine.

BAU Global raises global citizens who are committed to each other and the world around them. BAU Global Institutions are linked to each other via economy, business administration, technology, environment and culture. Each institution within the body of BAU Global strives to provide a quality higher education. BAU Global institutions do not only meets standards set forth by their own countries’ accreditation bodies, but also take their place among the best institutions of the country, region or disciple in which they are found. Institutions in the BAU Global network pay attention to the changing needs of the community, country and economies and affect them positively. BAU Global students focus on the needs of their future employers and are prepared to work in field for which there will be long term demand.

Bahçeşehir University- İstanbul

Bahçeşehir University was founded in 1998 as a non-profit foundation university. Since then, it has constantly expanded its intellectual boundaries and maintained its commitment to providing a high-quality university education by focusing on fundamental academic disciplines. In the past 15 years, Bahçeşehir University has established nine undergraduate faculties, four graduate institutes, a vocational school an English preparatory school and a continuing education school.


After the university’s first graduation ceremony in 2003, Bahçeşehir University moved its main campus to its current picturesque Besiktas location. Situated in downtown Istanbul, BAU is in and of the city, drawing its inspiration from the city’s essence. The campus reflects the university’s owerall philosophy, which is to provide students with a gate-free yet nurturing environment in which students can become active and inquisitive learners, grow social and cultural awareness, acquire problem-solving and decision-making skills and develop strong ethical and moral standards, Looking back 15 Bahçeşehr Universty has become an important center for innovation, arts on the past years, sciences, culture, and civic affairs. This success has only been made possible with the help of its dedicated academic and administrative staff well-managed research opportunities, and most importantly, its top-notch resources, students who best represent BAU’s vision and goals.


BAU International Berlin – University of Applied Sciences

BAU International Berlin is a non-profit institution designed to enrich the higher education landscape in Germany. It has been granted “Gemeinnützigkeits”-status by the German state authorities and invests any income from student fees or other sources entirely in the improving its teaching and research resources, as well as its logistics and service offers to its students and staff. BAU International Berlin is run by “B.A.U. Higher Education Service gGmbH”, a registered charitable company under the Berlin state jurisdiction.

Academic Life

Bachelor of Arts

· Business Administration
· Communication Design
· Interior Design
· Product Design

University Life

Student Housing for students of BAU International

BAU International Berlin offers accommodation arranged and maintained directly by the university. With its own accommodation, the university makes sure that the students get a place to live in Berlin upon arrival without having to deal with a stress of apartment searching.

All the students staying in BAU International’s Berlin accommodation enjoy the support of the on-site accommodation office that helps them start their stay in Berlin. The accommodation office manages all rental proceedings, advises on maintenance and cleaning services, and is available to handle any need for repair that may arise in the apartments. In addition to the office’s support, the students also enjoy the services of a student café that is open every afternoon, serving drinks and snacks. Here, BAU International’s Berlin students meet, get to know each other, prepare collaborative projects and assignments for their courses, and share their experiences in the university and around Berlin.

BAU International’s Berlin student housing is located in a green and quiet area which is comprised of grand old apartment buildings, small neighborhood stores and has the atmosphere of a typical old-fashioned Berlin neighborhood. Our students can easily reach one of Berlin’s most attractive shopping streets which is a five-minute walk from their apartments. On Schloßstraße, they have easy access to hundreds of stores, including three major shopping centers, many cafés and restaurants, department stores and supermarkets. From the top of Schloßstraße, just around the corner from the student apartments, our students can enjoy an easy subway connection to BAU International- Berlin’s campus.

Activities In and Out of the Classroom

Student activities at BAU International Berlin offer many opportunities in and out of the classroom. These include trips and excursions in and around Berlin, as well as innovative “Walkshops” for design students. The following pages provide further information on the different activities for our students.

Library Books and More…

BAU International’s Berlin campus features a modern library with books related to the university’s main areas of study, to Berlin, German and European culture, society, history and politics – as well as resources for general education and language learning. The library was founded in the spring of 2014, therefore features a completely new collection of up-to-date textbooks and resources. Currently, it holds a collection of 2.500 books and is being prepared to further expand for the 2014-15 academic year.

Online Library & Student Services

Our library offers a computer network with desktop programs and online library access. All students can print and scan documents using a common printing hub. BAU International’s library also offers a number of specialized study desks for single or group work. At the library, the students can find a quiet and comfortable place to study, with a staff member always on-site during campus’s open hours who is ready to advise them on the use of all library resources. Our staff also provides the students and scholars at BAU International with advice on other university and public libraries in Berlin which they can visit for their research.

City Life

It is not by a coincidence that Berlin was chosen to host the new BAU International campus. Berlin is one of the most innovative and exciting cities in modern Europe, as well as being the most attractive and especially for university students in demand. BAU International’s students in Berlin will have the opportunity to learn German culture, politics, history and daily life, and at the same time will be able to get to know their new home easily with the help of many internationally oriented businesses and services. Also, life in Berlin is made easy for BAU International’s students by giving them the opportunity to book a place in one of the university’s student apartments.

Berlin is a city of science and research. More than 200.000 people from all over the world work, study and research at more than 30 universities and 60 research institutions. Excellent university, state libraries and museums provide a stimulating intellectual atmosphere. BAU International has partnerships with many universities and scientific institutions in Berlin with which it organizes collaborative activities for its students.

Berlin’s special atmosphere and charm stem from its very distinct urban character. It is the biggest and most lively urban center of Germany – a hub of government, business and culture – and at the same time it is Germany’s greenest city, with two rivers, hundreds of parks and large forests that offer great opportunities for spending time out in nature. The city offers more than 170 museums, many theaters and three state operas. Throughout the year, music, theater and cinema festivals take place in Berlin. In addition, the city is known all over the world for its young lifestyle, nightlife, cafes and bars. Berlin is also become a center for global fashion design with large fairs such as the “Bread & Butter” and the “Berlin Fashion Week”.



BAU International University – Batumi

BAU International University Batumi is an institution designed to enrich the higher education landscape in Georgia. While being the newest member of the BAU Global family, BAU Batumi offers its students high level higher educational services in the field of Medicine. Our professional lecturers, modernfacility, latest technologies and the proven educational program will help our students to reach the goals of their lives.

Academic Life


The Academic life in BAU Batumi promises adventures into the medical education. Our one-cycle educational program will make sure students get all the aspects about the material and get their high level education.In the course of their theoretical education, students as well will have practices in the multifunctional university clinic, placed in the same building.

University Life

Batumi is a summer resort and one of the famous touristic destinations in the Caucasus region. While being on the border of Turkey, Batumi is on the edge of two cultures, which make its multi cultural and multinational city, famous with its hospitality.Our international office deals with the accommodation services, so the university makes sure that the students get a place to live in Batumi upon arrival without having to deal with a stress of apartment searching. There will be different variations of accommodations offered to the students, who can choose the best that suits them.

City Life

Batumi is a city placed on the shore of the Black sea and near the Turkish Border. While being one of the main touristic destinations for the Caucasus region, Batumi is a multinational and multi cultural city, famous with its hospitality. Students will be amazed with the subtropical climate, stunning landscapes, parks and squares, seaside and a nightlife. Batumi offers lots of intellectual, sports and entertainment atmosphere.




BAU Cyprus

Cyprus Bahçeşehir University (BAU International University) is established as a member of BAU Global Education Network. BAU Global Education Network includes higher education institutions and language schools located in three different continents (North America, Europe and Asia). Its purpose is to provide the opportunity for students to benefit from academic means having equal level and located in different continents and countries, and get education in different campuses to enable them have an international vision.