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Beykent University

Beykent University was established as a not-for-profit organization by The Adem Çelik - Beykent Education Foundation and began its educational programs in the 1997 - 1998 academic year. Since then Beykent University has grown its facilities for teaching, learning and research on to three separate campuses. Today it has 9 Faculties, 4 Higher Education Colleges, 2 Institutes, 3 Research Centres, The Continuing Education & Career Centre and the Distance Education Centre.  The University has a total population of 25,000 students, 900 of which are international. A High quality learning experience is offered to students with 72 Associate Degree Programmes, 69 Undergraduate Programmes and over 50 postgraduate Programmes. The medium of instruction of the courses at Beykent University are either English or Turkish.

Sports premises are available on both campuses for the students to benefit from in their free time. There is a fully equipped gym available on The Ayazağa-Maslak Campus and an indoor gym, indoor swimming pool and a mini football pitch on The Beylikdüzü Campus. There are many teams such as basketball, football, volleyball, karate, swimming, chess, bowling and more in the university. There are many student clubs that carry out activities in various branches in the university. University support students to organize students clubs activities more efficiently. The Student Clubs organize and the Student Council promotes and encourages involvement in many exciting and enriched scientific, artistic, cultural, social and sports events.

Beykent University is located in Istanbul which is one of the most colourful provinces of Turkey. The charming city, with its high geopolitical significance, sits humbly on both sides of the Bosporus connecting the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea and forming a bridge between Asia and Europe. Also known as The City of Seven Hills, Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world and has been the capital of many civilizations. There are many people from very diverse backgrounds living in the City making it a most cosmopolitan landmark. Istanbul has many natural beauties resulting from its geographical location and due to its glorious history, it has many ancient treasures, structures and monuments. The City is full of touristic sites of interest that are worth visiting. Istanbul is a most welcoming and innovative part of the world for any student from any part of the world.


Beykent University offers %50 scholarship to all international students. Our tuition fees are;

Associate Degree (2 year-programme) USD 2,950 each year

Bachelor Degree (4 year-programme) USD 5,950 each year

Bachelor Degree Faculty of Law USD 7,500 each year


Distance Education Programmes (E-learning)

Associate Degree USD 1,000 each year

Bachelor Degree USD 1,400 each year



The university offers high standard accommodations in the Ayazağa and the Beylikdüzü Hostels. Both hostels are located right next to the campuses. Ayazağa-Maslak Campus and has a capacity of 242 people, and fees range from USD 400 to USD 600. The Beylikdüzü Hostel has a capacity of 208 people and fees range from USD 310 to USD 530 per month.

The rooms are equipped with bathrooms, refrigerators, televisions, phones, central heating system, 7/24 hot water, free internet connection and 24 hour security. There are also common hang-out rooms such as a TV room, a study room, a game room and laundry facilities.

Departments and Programs;