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Beykent University



Beykent University was established as a not-for profit organization by The Adem Çelik - Beykent Education Foundation and began its educational programs in the 1997 - 1998 academic year. It is located in Istanbul. The University has a total population of 30,000 students, 1000 of which are  international. A high quality learning experience is offered to students with 72 Associate Degree Programmes, 57 Undergraduate Programmes and over 50 Postgraduate Programmes. Today it has 9 Faculties, 4 Higher Education Colleges, 2 Institutes, 3 Research Centres, The Continuing  Education & Career Centre. University aims to create a safe and lively environment for a quality life on the campus and provides personal, cultural and social support to students, aids in personal  growth and professional development and offers guidance and solutions for individual as well as  collective issues. Beykent University aims to bring students and graduates together to celebrate  their differences and creates a global community where students and graduates can indulge in  the pride and joy of being a part of Beykent life.





Associate Degree (2 year-programmes) USD 2,500 / each year


Bachelor Degree (4 year-programmes) USD 5,000 / each year


Bachelor Degree Faculty of Law USD 6,300 / each year


Master’s Degree, Programmes without Thesis, (1 year programmes) USD 3,500 total


Master’s Degree, Programmes with Thesis, (2 year programmes) USD 7,000 total


PhD (4 year-programmes) USD 16,100 total


Distance Education Programmes (E-learning)


Associate Degree USD 1,000 each year


Bachelor Degree USD 1,400 each year



•4 Campuses


• %50 off the tuition fee as scholarship to  international students


• On - Campus Job Opportunuties