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Beykoz University

Behind every achievement there is a story, and Beykoz University has one as well. This story started

to be written with the foundation of TURLEV (Turkish Logistics Studies and Educational Foundation)

in 2007 and continued with the establishment of a higher education institution as a result of our

motivation of training qualified human resource.

Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics was brought into being by TURLEV in 2008. As the first

“thematic vocational school” in Turkey, until 2016, Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics graduated

2.500 people, who had the logistical competency and we are proud of our graduates who takes part

in various levels of the logistics sector, today. Henceforward, Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics

will continue to educate new generations, who are expected to be the best in their fields, and

preserve its thematic structure under the roof of Beykoz University at the same time.

Now our story goes forward with the establishment of “Beykoz University”. Beykoz University aims to

produce well equipped graduates who will meet the requirements of business world and our

country, who are capable of representing their country by being employed abroad as well. For sure,

knowledge is going to be the most important power source in the future, just as it is now. As Beykoz

University, our main aim is to focus on applied training which will help to orientate our students to

initial vocational areas and encourage them to grow into creative, modern and critical individuals

who can adapt easily to ever-changing global conditions.

We believe that a fresh start is always the harbinger of novelty for the institutions as well as it is for

the life of people. With the foundation of our university;

 Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics

 Foreign Trade (Turkish)

 Foreign Trade (English)

 Logistics (Turkish)

 Logistics (English)

 Civil Aviation Management (Turkish)

 Civil Aviation Management (English)

 Civil Aviation Cabin Services (English)

 Air Logistics (English)

 Rail Systems Management (English)

 Business and Administrative Sciences

 Business (Turkish)

 Business (English)

 International Trade (English)

 Logistics Management (English)

 Faculty of Art and Design

 Digital Game Design (Turkish)

 Communication Design (Turkish)

 School of Civil Aviation

 Civil Aviation Management (English)

 Vocational School

 Anesthesia

 First and Emergency Aid

 Operating Room Services

 Dialysis

 Physiotherapy

 Audiometry

 Medical Imaging Techniques

 Medical Documentation and Secretariat

 Biomedical Device Technology

 Child Development

 Social Services

 Occupational Health and Safety

 Computer Programming

 Mobile Technologies

 Information Security and Technology

 Graphic Design

 Media and Communication

 Visual Communication

 Interior Design

 Foreign languages, graduate programmes, and vocational school have started their academic


These academic departments with the English preparatory programme; associate degree,

undergraduate and graduate schools will also be at the service of students, society and higher

education in the forthcoming days. (Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics which met the needs of

society and business world with its graduates in its thematic structure of logistics until now will also

continue its services under the roof of Beykoz University.)


We totally agree with John Dewey the pedagogue who says: “Education is not preparation for life,

education is life itself.” We believe that our students should learn not only to know but also to apply.

Starting from this point of view; we aim to offer our students a learning and university environment

supported by multidimensional, international quality standards that are open to multidisciplinary

approaches. This university environment will predominantly focus on applied training that can

develop knowledge and skills of our students with the training models and approaches we have

developed for associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs.

We want our students to associate what they have learned in university with those in real life, to be

able to apply what they have learned and to be in real life in the course of their education. Fort his

reason, as part of our education and training programs, internship is compulsory in our curriculum.

Our students spend at least one semester in a workplace operating in their field. We implement the

model of 7 plus 1 semester internship for our bachelor’s degree programmes, 6 plus 2 semester

internship for our four-year high school programmes, 3 plus 1 semester internship for vocational

degree programmes and we’ll make sure that our students are at work for at least one semester.

Internship process is being managed by the Internship Coordination Unit of the University.


 Competency Development Program

 Academic Counseling and Career Planning

 Comprehensive Personal Development Programs and Activities

 Succes Follow-up System

 Certificate of Competency Development

 Europass European Passport

 Lifelong Learning Support

The rapidly developing and changing business world and social needs have made it necessary for all

students to develop themselves individually outside learning areas. Our university offer unique

education and support its students to gain competencies such as leadership, enterpreneurship,

innovativeness, written and oral communication skills, social responsibility, effective and productive

work with others, etc., expressed as 21st century competencies. Our students’ competencies, which

are open for improvement, are defined in the beginning of their education life and the areas to be

improved are supported by “Competence Development Program” and “Personal Development”

Programs. “Certificate of Competency Development” is given to our students, which shows their level

of competence, along with their diplomas.


Our University already continues its activities in three different, modern buildings in Beykoz,

which is one of the most beautiful and historical districts of Istanbul. We are going to complete our

investments within the next three years and build a distinctive campus on a land of 80 acres in

Beykoz. By 2019, we will have moved all departments and faculties of our university to this campus.

Our campus was chosen among a wide range of architectural projects and when it is finished, it will

embody all kinds of facilities that students might need, such as institutions, laboratories, social,

cultural and sports areas, library and dormitories.

 Student Clubs

In line with “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself” philosophy, 20 clubs

formed by students at Beykoz University are actively operating. These clubs are:

Dance Club, IT Club, Nature Sports Club, Foreign Trade Club, Literature Club, Energy Club,

Photography Club, Travel and Culture Club, Enterpreneurship and Business Administration Club, Folk

Dances Club, Aviation Club, Communication Club, Logistics Club, Media Club, Music Club, Chess Club,

Cinema Club, Sport Club, Theater Club, Community Awareness Club.

University of Beykoz aims to be a centre of happiness, freedom, tolerance and success for our

students and staff, and targets excellence in their services. Our university adopts being a model

university with a reputation both at home and abroad as a principle by learning, adding value to

society and learning by what it learnt, and innovative practices and achievements that it leads.

We will meet you with our activities and projects that will bring difference and innovation to the

higher education life of Turkey soon. Keep following BEYKOZ...