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İstanbul Kültür University

About Us
Istanbul Kültür University is a medium sized comprehensive university with 7 faculties, in the heart of Istanbul. A foundation university set up in 1997 by the Kültür Foundation has more than 60 years in the field of education. IKU continues its strive for excellence and quality in education. The Kültür Foundation has a line of education starting from kindergarten level through to college/high school (k-12) and university.  A very active university providing English instruction. IKU has strong partnerships worldwide, each partner bringing a new outlook, culture and strength.


Campuses Of Istanbul Kültür University
The University ground consists of three campuses, one being at Ataköy, Şirinevler and the other at İncirli.
Covering an area of 40,000 square meters, The Ataköy Campus houses the Institution for Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering and the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences, Rector’s office and four faculties – Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, and Faculty of Art and Design. It is also the home of the Health Center, computer laboratories, technical laboratories and the central library. The Ataköy Campus facilities include main cafeteria and fast food restaurants, Prof. Önder Öztunalı Conference Hall, Exhibition Hall, offices for student clubs, an Işbank branch and ATM, as well as a total of 14 art studios for Technical Design (2), Basic Arts Education Modeling (2), Modeling and Plastic Arts (1), Design (7), Communication Design (1) and Ceramics (1). Adjacent to the Ataköy Campus, IKU’s large KEV Auditorium serves both the university and the general public throughout the year.
The Şirinevler Campus totals a covered area of some 30,000 square meters spread over six buildings. It houses the Faculty of Law English Prep Programs, men’s dormitories, Halil Akıngüç Conference Hall, as well as the campus library, computer laboratories and other computer facilities.
It houses the Vocational School of Business Administration, the Vocational School of Technical Studies and the Vocational School of Justice.


At IKU, there are many Reasearch and Application Centers namely, Brain Dynamics Dynamics, Cognition and Complex Systems, Career, Criminal Law, Distance Learning, Disability – Accessibility, Economics and Finance, Fine Arts, Family Enterprises and Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality and Women’s Studies, Geomatics, Global Political Trends Center, Institutional and Sectoral Analysis, Intellectual Property Rights, Life Long Learning, Operational Research, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Research and Development, SME Development and Competition, Scientific Research Projects. 
Fully equipped laboratories are avaliable for research in the field of civil, electronic and computer engineering, chemistry, phsysics, molecular biology and genetics, interior design, architecture, art, communication studies and psychology.


More than %7 of the students enrolled at IKU are international students, either full time or exchange, coming from approximately 70 different countries all over the world. Furthermore IKU’s number of incoming exchange students is more than the number of outgoing exchange students.
At IKU, international networking is mainly organized by European and International Center (EIC). Special emphasis is given to cooperation agreements with universities abroad. IKU has more than 210 agreements (exchange, double degree, 2+2 Degree Completion -for Vocation School Students- agreements) with more than 130 partner universities in 5 continents. IKU has an Erasmus Charter and ECTS label that provides IKU students become Exchange students either by doing an internship abroad or studying at one of IKU’s international partner universities.

The university has two libraries, one in Ataköy Campus and one in Şirinevler Campus, stacked with a collection of 15,000 printed volumes and 150 periodicals. Istanbul Kültür University Ataköy Campus Library is able to serve 170 people at the same time, has 2 floors and is founded on an area of 560m². The library has a shelf capacity of 25,000 volumes. Şirinevler Campus Library, founded on an area of 300m², is able to serve 75 people at the same time and has a shelf capacity of 15,000 volumes.


Computer facilities and laboratories
The university’s computer laboratories are all equipped up to the highest standards and hold internationally recognized certificates. In the faculty laboratories, students gain professional experience through practical hands-on-training and acquire computer skills required for their course programs.
Medical Services
The university’s modern medical center offers free physical examinations and general medical assistance to all students and academic staff in accordance with University Health Care Regulations. Cases requiring specialty care or inpatient treatment are referred to Ataköy Hospital located next to Şirinevler Campus. The center provides free psychological counseling as well, with a staff of psychiatrists and therapists who support and coach the students in their daily life issues.


Student organizations

The Student Council
The Student Council is a body of elected students involved in identifying and representing the needs and perspectives of the undergraduate and graduate community, and facilitating communication between the students and the university administration. The president of the Council participates in University Senate or Board meetings as a non-voting member upon the invitation of the Rector. Elections are held once a year, on a date set through consultation with faculty deans. Students campaigning to represent a faculty or school must announce their candidacy at least a week before the election. A majority vote is required for a successful bid. 
The Student Council is the general assembly of the representatives of each faculty and vocational school. Council members elect the Executive Committee composed of the president, one or more vice-presidents and a secretary general.

Student Clubs
Istanbul Kültür University’s Student Clubs offer students the possibility to participate in a wide array of activities depending on their personal interests. Organized under the Union of Student Clubs, current IKU clubs include:

Astronomy Club
Aviation Club
Bridge Club
Career Club
Computer Club
Construction Club
Debate Society
Effective Communication Club
Engineering Society
Erasmus Students Club
Ethics Club

Fine Arts Clubs
- Music
- Dancing
- Drama
- Art
- Photography

Folklore Club
Graphic Web Club
Idea and Culture Club
Industrial Engineering Club
International Economy Club
Law Club
Literature Club
Management Club
Marble Club
Mathematics Club
National Resources Research Club
National Strategy Club
Personal Development Society
Quality Club
Robotics Technology Club
Science and Art Club
Social Solidarity Club
Society of Economics
Society of Kemalist Principles

Sports Clubs
- Volleyball
- Basketball
- Soccer
- Skiing and Snowboarding
- Tennis and Table Tennis
- Riding and Show Jumping
- Water Sports
- Mountaineering

Sports Fans Club
Travel Club
Youth Club

Double major-minors programme

Double Major
Istanbul Kültür University gives a chance to do a Double Major Program to its successful students. The students ,who have been successful in their lessons, can have Associate degree or Undergraduate degree in one of the programs that is different from the student’s own department The students, who have succeeded in Double Major Program and have the right to get two Associate/Undergraduate degrees, are given two Associate/Undergraduate Degree diploma. In addition, starting from  2003, our students have been able to study at various EU universities due to the students' exchange agreements. The courses taken during extramural student term are valid for graduation from IKU.


Faculty of Arts and Science 6.900 $

Faculty of Law 7500$

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences 6.900 $

Faculty of Engineering 6.900 $

Faculty of Architecture 7500 $

Faculty of Arts and Design 6.900 $

Faculty of Education 6.900 $

Vocational School Programmes 4.000 $

English Prep School 6900 $

Turkish Prep School 1895$

Master Degree Programs: 6000$

In the 2 Institutes, 7 Faculties and 3 Vocational Schools of Istanbul Kültür University, students from more than 60 different countries are studying. Our university is one of the private universities most active in promoting scholarships. Within this framework, international students who are enrolled with Istanbul Kültür University can receive scholarships at the ratios of 25%, 50%, and 100%.

Grants for Needs:
These are grants provided in accordance with measures determined by Grand Evaluation Commission of Istanbul Kültür University for our students in need of economic support.

Success Grants:
These are grants which our students attending associate degree and bachelor's degree program are entitled to acquire based on their end term success.

Discount for Success in Sports:
If any of our students is an active national sports person, 25% discount from intuition fee; if our students take part in one of our school teams, 10% discount from intuition fee is applied. This discount covers the academic year in which our student takes part in our school teams. This discount is suggested by Health Culture and Sports Office.

TQDK Scholarship
According to the points of TQDK result which is an official exam of Azerbaijan, students can obtain differen proportion of scholarship. Students can send their TQDK result to our email address (

İKÜYÖS Scholarship
Students can obtain different proportion of  scholarship according to the exam (International Students Exam) which is held in Istanbul Kültür University. The exam is held in the second week of May every year.  

The Entrance Examination for Foreign Students (YÖS) will be held on 14 May 2016 at Ataköy Campus at 10.00 pm at Seminer 2 hall and ZD-4 lecture halls. It contains Logic (45) and Math (35).

 Feeding is not included.

Catering services
There is a restaurant and a cafeteria in the main building of  Şirinevler Campus.While hot meals are served in the restaurant only at lunchtime, you can get other things from the cafeteria any time during the day. Hot meals are provided by AKPAZ  catering.
In Ataköy Campus there is a restaurant which can seat 400 people and a cafeteria both of which are managed by AKPAZ  catering.Besides, there is a VIP dining hall run by AKPAZ. It is big enough for 150 people and it is for the exclusive use of instructors. AKPAZ  also manages another dining hall for both students and lecturers and this can seat upto 250 people.The cafe next to the VIP dining hall serves all day as well.
In 2007 Starbucks Cafe opened a branch in our Ataköy Campus and has been serving our students since then.

The dormitories at Kültür University aim to give the students a clean, comfortable, secure and civilized atmosphere which enables them to reach their goals. Social and cultural activities organized in the dormitories also contribute to their success.
Our dormitories are located in Şirivevler Campus which is within a 15-minute-walking distance from Ataköy Campus. For those who do not fancy walking there is also a shuttle every 20 minutes, making it possible to attend the classes on time.Our dormitories are only a 5-minute-walk from Yenibosna Metrobus and bus stops while the subway is only 10 minutes away. It takes only 10 minutes to reach Atatürk Airport by taxi and you can arrive at the bus terminal in 30 minutes by subway.
The rooms are meticulously cleaned every single day. Seats, hot and cold water dispensers, kitchen, showers (24-hour hot water) and toilets are available on every floor.


Room Type


Triple       room

9600 TL

Quadruple room

8400 TL

Double room

11.200 TL