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İstanbul Şehir University

About Sehir University and the founder

İstanbul Şehir University rose with an academic pursuit that has directed the Foundation for Sciences and Arts (BSV) since 1986. BSV is a renowned NGO functioning for more than 25 years in the field of social sciences, organizing many international and national academic activities and free seminars in related areas.

İstanbul Şehir University is a recently founded University, which started its actual foundation works in 2007, but got the “Institutional identity” in 2008.  İstanbul Şehir University is acknowledged as non-profit, state-recognized, higher education institutions that dedicates to the promotions of civilizational, cultural and humanistic studies that is involved in organizing seminars.



Why İstanbul Şehir University?


1. English as medium of instruction, lectured by quality teaching staff.

2. International degree seeking students from 45 different countries comprising 15% of total student numbers

3. Young qualified and internationally experienced teaching staff active in research

4. Full or partial scholarships for all international students

5. Common interdisciplinary core curriculum for all undergraduate first year students

6. Departmental change option upon successful completion of the first year

7. Enrollment possibilities in double major and minor programs

8. Encouragement for student participation in research projects of faculty members

9. Placement(Internship) opportunities abroad

10. Student exchange programs in partner universities all over the world

Program & Fee
İstanbul Şehir University also provide double degree diploma, so if you have a main program, but want to learn expertise in another area, then it is possible in İstanbul Şehir University. We offer students to take double degree in 4 years at the same time with their main program whichever they can choose to have a major or a minor program that is entirely up to student’s choice.

Tuition fee in the 2013-2014 academic years is $13,325  (24.000 TL) (VAT included) for undergraduate students and $11,125 in English Preparatory Program.

Scholarship opportunities for international students
In the 2013-2014 academic years, all international students will be admitted to the undergraduate programs on full or partial scholarships, provided with free laptop computers and health insurance. These scholarships are valid for 5 years duration (1 year of English Preparatory Program plus 4 years of undergraduate study). Scholarships are awarded based on academic and social merit as well as financial need.

Full Scholarship
A+ (Super Scholarship) The following scholarship is called A+ provides students to be enrolled in the full scholarship programs, to be valid every semester, the follows by:
• Exemption from tuition fees
• Dining scholarship for 9 month
• Free accommodation
• Free health insurance
• Scholarship on course books
• Monthly cash stipends


 A (Full Scholarship): Student has tuition waiver. Accommodation and dining fees are chargeable. 

Note 1: Those who will apply for Super Scholarship (A+) and Full Scholarship (A) are required to certify their Advanced level of English. 
Note 2: Those who will be studying at University for the first time will be given priority at super and full scholarship evaluation.

Partial Scholarship
This is a scholarship type which provides student with only partial exemption from tuition fees, they distinguish as Scholarship A, B, C, D (100%, 75%, 50%, 25% discounts) dormitory fees, health care and / other expenses are not included in the partial scholarship.


B (%75) : Student pays 5.000 TL for preparatory program and 6000 TL for undergraduate study. Accommodation and dining services are chargeable.
C (%50) : Student pays 10.000 TL for preparatory program and 12,000 TL for undergraduate study. Accommodation and dining services are chargeable.
D (%25) : Student pays 15.000 TL for preparatory program and 18,000 TL for undergraduate study. Accommodation and dining services are chargeable.


Guesthouse & Fees
İstanbul Şehir University has a four guesthouse for student accommodation, two male guesthouses and two female guesthouses, male guesthouses are close to the university within walking distance and female guesthouses are being serviced by shuttle to the university. The dormitories are composed of three-persons and quad rooms which are equipped with 24-hour wireless internet (Fiber net) access and phones. There are study halls, TV lounges, laundries and many other facilities that offer a comfortable atmosphere and living environment to students.

Monthly accommodation fee of 2013-2014 Academic Year in triple rooms is 500 TL, VAT included and fee in room for 4 persons is 400 TL VAT included. 


Total Undergraduate Enrollment