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Maltepe University

Maltepe University is private and nonprofit, foundation university founded in 1997 and today it has become an internationally recognized global university providing educational services with 9 faculties, 3 graduate schools, 2 schools and a vocational school with the motto "Free in Thought, Modern in Education and Universal in Science". The EUA, TASSA, IMHE memberships and ERASMUS exchange program co-operations with 75 universities serve as the accelerating pointer for the internationalization of Maltepe University.

A university sensitive to its environment knows how to transfer knowledge into production, and the knowledge transferred into production makes life easier. Maltepe University has an aim to educate students not as individuals seeking jobs after graduation, but as unique graduates who are being sought-after in their arenas of education, who have reached the universal level in their majors, who believe in the guidance of science in order to solve social problems, who are respectful to other thoughts and beliefs, who have strong national and moral values and competent in at least one foreign language to follow-up the developments in the world.  

Alongside a strong focus on their professional arena, Maltepe University gives equal importance to national, international, cultural and social activities, which allow students to proceed to their professional and personal lives as happy and healthy individuals.  The campus, located in the heart of nature, provides its students with the privilege of studying at an environmentally friendly university. Marmara Education Village (Marmara Eğitim Köyü) was founded on 750,000 square meters of indoor space and 300,000 square meters of outdoor space in a wooded area of the Maltepe district on the Asian side of Istanbul. The Marmara Education Village campus is home to Maltepe University's Faculties of Education, Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Communications, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Architecture, Engineering and Natural Sciences as well as the Schools of Nursing, Foreign Languages, Vocational Education, and the Graduate Schools of Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences. With the exceptions of the Faculty of Medicine and the Graduate School of Health Sciences, located in Maltepe University's City Centre campus, all other degree programs are held in the Marmara Education Village, including the associate degree, undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral degree programs. The Marmara Education Village Campus is also home to the Marmara Open Air Theatre with a seating capacity for 8,000 spectators. In addition, the campus has two film production studios covering 2000 square meters.

 Maltepe University puts a great emphasis on internationalization. With this approach in mind, exchange students and academic members are encouraged to be mobile in the European Higher Education Area and the world. For this purpose, strong relations have been established and secured with globally recognized universities for collaborative research and scientific studies, and these efforts are gradually increasing in number. Existing international exchange programs, connection with 24 country, 643 undergraduate and post graduate programs and double major degree programs are indicators for MU’s internationalization approach. In line with this, bachelor degree graduates are given Diploma Supplements as of 2010, while Master’s and Ph.D. graduates started to be given Diploma Supplements in 2012.

The university has an exclusive and experienced academic and administrative staff, offers programs updated on a regular basis to follow the developments in the fields of science, technology and art, enjoys a wide range of academic infrastructure and facilities (laboratory, information and documentation centre, internet access, etc.), discloses and shares scientific research with the international scientific community and the public and organizes social and cultural events that encourage community participation. On a whole, the academic and cultural atmosphere cultivated by Maltepe University has paved the way for it to be counted as a prominent institution in the Turkish University System and is also firm evidence of the university's successful achievement of its institutionalization process.


Maltepe University offers 25% scholarship for foreign students who apply for admittance with their Foreign Student Examination (KÜNİB e-YÖS, YÖS) results.  


The student residence halls and other facilities on the campus of Marmara Education Village are located among the pine trees at the very heart of nature, and are just in 25 -minute distance to downtown Maltepe. The halls, have an accommodation capacity of over 504 students and are three-storeys each, with 2 flats on each floor facing one another. The accommodation comprises of flats for either two or three students with each having their own single or shared study bedroom and shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. All flats have 24-hour hot water, kitchens, bathrooms and a common recreation room. Students can also benefit from a prepaid landline and for those who care to bring their own laptops can also benefit from wireless internet free of charge. Heating, electricity and water bills are also included in the fee. Cost of meals are not included in the room fee. The students who are staying at the halls are given beds, lockers, sleeping sets, pillows, blankets. Other equipment to be used (kettle, sandwich maker) should be provided by students.
Each room is furnished with an individual study desk, a wardrobe and a bed. Each flat, comprises of three rooms in which one or two students can be accommodated.   A private cleaning staff ensures that the rooms and all shared common spaces maintain a high level of hygiene. The dormitory book of regulations and the contracts are to be signed by the students when they register.


The university cafeterias provide spacious, clean and quality food alternatives. There are fast food cafes as well as a restaurant (lokanta) within the campus. Each faculty has at least one student cafeteria (kantin) for each building, serving a variety of food and beverages. There are also cafes surrounded around the pool area open to all public. The 5-star hotel serves high quality budget priced meals, open buffets, and more.