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About Us

Istanbul Ayvansaray University maintains its studies by adopting universal and contemporary values, and integrates them with local values to create their own style and continualdevelopment based on a sense of quality. Through reinterpreting the relationship between science and art and design, it embraces a system of education and training in which harmonious coexistence exists.


“In your life, in your pursuit of the future”

To educate self-confident graduates who have adopted entrepreneurial culture and pursuing their future in the life through a teaching system that has its own and original model interpreted together with Science, Art and Design.

To be a center of excellence in the field of art and design and to place the university concept on scientific and social values by combining its historical location and cultural heritage.

Our Values

Appropriation and Belonging

To produce original models,

To guard ethical standards,

Using pioneering technologies,

To preserve cultural heritage,

Combine the future with the past,

The adaptation of individual and group work,

To operate in the understanding of quality.