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TED University

Campus Life

City University TEDU

TEDU campus is located in the heart of the city; equidistant to every neighbourhood of Ankara and next to the arterial public transportation. TEDU offers a serene and comfortable education environment with a specially designed architecture that motivates students in every aspect. Equipped with the highest technological infrastructure, TEDU assures students with the most efficient and effective technology.

TEDU facilitates cultural activities in the student centers located at the campus and realizes a chain of activities like club activities, concerts, theatre performances, films and exhibitions.

Sports Facilities

TEDU students can use the semi-olympic swimming pool and the fitness center located at the campus during the week and the weekends without any restrictions. Our facilities also hold a number of social and sportive activities organized by the student clubs and societies.

Health Care Services

In case of any health problems, the students can benefit from the Health Care Center located at the campus and receive examination and first-aid service free of charge. In urgent cases the immediate treatment is done at the health care center and if needed transfer to the hospital is provided.

Student Residences

TEDU has a student residence with a total bed capacity for 93 female students which is established in the 2015-2016 academic year. Our mixed student residence with a total bed capacity for 426 students will also come into service. The students who receive full scholarship can benefit from the student residences, breakfast and dinner services free of charge. Our student residences are fully equipped which meets all the requirement of the students. All the rooms have bathroom and the residences include common use areas for recreation and social activities. The students can choose the type of room they desire during their placement.

Fatma-Semih AKBİL Cultural Center

TED University Fatma-Semih Akbil Cultural Center has 1.400 m2 indoor spaces and includes:

▶▶Conference Hall with 200 seating capacity,

▶▶2 Seminar and Meeting Halls with 100 seating capacity,

▶▶2 Training and Meeting Halls with 70 seating capacity,

▶▶Exhibition Areas and a Foyer.

The operation of the carefully designed cultural center which is fully equipped for all kinds of congress, seminars, conferences, meetings and cultural activities is maintained without any external service. The participants of the activities organized at the center can benefit from all the physical and technical facilities available in the campus. The center is equipped with an audio, lightning, screening and recording system which enables live streaming.


The objective of the Library is to meet all kind of documentation and information requirements of the students, faculty members and the administrative staff of the university and maintain an environment which fosters the information utilization and production of its users.

The library primarily provides service for the students, faculty members and the administrative staff of TEDU. Our library is open to service without borrowing material for the students and academic personnel of other universities, TED college students, alumni and the locals. The library includes OPAC computer terminals. The library collection can be accessed through the available terminals and mobile library service, mobile phones and tablets and the material can be scanned via criteria like the author, resource title or the subject. The library is available also on the Facebook. The students who activate their ‘bookshelf’ applications can use the library on-line, make comments and grading. The library collection and the digital re

Student Council

Starting from the time our university admitted its first students, a decision was made to form a TED University Student Council to allow students to directly share their wishes, complaints and views with the administrative organs of the university, and thus a founding council was formed with volunteer students. 

As a result of the meetings between the Registrar’s Office and our students, a draft Student Council Directive was prepared in accordance with the needs of our university. In the Senate meeting held on 30.04.2014, the Student Council Directive was accepted and a referendum was held on 06.05.2014 for student approval. Following the acceptance of the Student Council Directive, elections were held at our university on 21.05.2014 and the first elected Student Council began its duty. Since then, the Student Council and faculty representative elections are being renewed each year.

Student Societies

Student Societies operate under the supervision of the Student Council, Dean of Students and an academic counselor. The societies have their own budgets, administrations and monitoring mechanisms. The objective of the societies is to develop the organisation, communication and teamwork skills of the students and contribute to their cultural, artistic and personal development. In addition to supporting the development of the students, the societies carry activities beneficial to their neighbourhoods, cities and the country as a whole. TEDU students can either become active members of these societies or apply to form new societies which they believe would be useful in certain areas.

Work and Study Scholarship:

This scholarship is designated to students who apply for working opportunities. The eligibility for this kind of scholarship, depends on the student’s financial needs and academic success. Students who are eligible for this type of scholarship are expected to work a maximum of 15 hours per week, 60 hours per month (maximum 10 hours per week and 40 hours per month for students in English Language School) with an hourly wage. The duration of this type of scholarship is 9 months.

Internship Opportunities

One of the primary objectives of TED University is to guarantee the employability of its students and educate them as high quality individuals. To this end, the institutional cooperations we carry with the private sector allow our students to work for certain periods in private sector institutions. TEDU, with the contribution of the “TED Community”, creates an added value to the education of the students with a variety of internship opportunities. The members of the “TED Community” provide employment opportunities the students during and following the internship through their strong sectoral connections. Our Institutional Cooperation program allows the students to transfer their theoretical knowledge into practice and enables them to better prepare themselves for their professional lives. The program offers the companies the access to the right human resources and gives them the opportunity to realize their social responsibilities.

TED University has signed protocols with the leading private sector institutions in order to develop the qualifications of the students and help them become citizens of the world.

TED University Centers


TED University aims to become an international environment by establishing fruitful partnerships with overseas institutions, welcoming scholars and students from different countries, and providing its own students with opportunities to spend some time of their education abroad and/or participate in international projects. The International Programs Office (IPO) works to this end and carries out the internationalization of TED University, assists and guides incoming - outgoing exchange students and staff as well as international degree-seeking students.

TED University was awarded the Erasmus Higher Education Charter (ECHE) in 2013 and at the moment, it has more than 50 partner universities in Europe. Under the Erasmus+ Higher Education Program, students, who have completed at least the first year of their studies in their faculties, and fulfil the eligibility criteria (GPA and English proficiency) can apply to study at a partner university for a semester or an entire academic year. Students can also benefit from the student mobility for placement, which allows them to work at an organization in an Erasmus Program Country for minimum 2- maximum 12 months.

Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center’s main objective is to support the physical, social and academic development of TEDU students. It also aims to help the students to overcome the possible problems they face during their development process and find preventive solutions and mentor them in making healthy and accurate decisions. All the services provided at the center are scientifically planned and delivered in line with the professional ethics. The Student Counseling Center (SCC) offers services as individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, seminars and orientation programs for the new students.

Center of Information

TEDU offers a pioneering e-university model. TEDU Information Management System provides an integrated management and communication service for the students, academicians, administrators, university personnel and all the related stakeholders of the university. TEDU students can make use of the IT services through the institutional portal and operate all their academic and administrative processes on the electronic media while having on-line access to the library, health-care, sports, cultural and social services. The students can also utilise the information sharing and cooperation networks for their society activities and social activities and have instant access to announcements, contents or services.

Center for Teaching and Learning

One of the primary objectives of TED University is to render the courses active-interactive, problem based and learning based in order to provide a rich learning environment where high-level thinking skills are integrated with the content of the courses. In order to reflect this institutional policy in practice, TED University has established a Center for teaching and Learning which supports the students and the faculty members. The tutor students working in the center supports the students who have difficulties in various fields.

TEDU Continuous Education Center (CEC)

TEDU-CEC carries certificate programs and seminars in order to educate the required human resources for the country, develop the capacity of the human resources and add new skills to the labour force with the academic proficiency of TED University and the experience of Turkish Education Association.

TEDU-CEC targets to organize certificate programs and seminars and trainings for participants of all ages who believe in the necessity of self-development and help them discover themselves away from the stress caused by the ever changing conditions of their professional lives.

TEDU-CEC also organises training programs for the employees of the private sector and the public institutions which foster the relations between the business world and the university and thus contribute to the development of the country.