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TED University

TED University (TEDU) is a young, dynamic university, located in the heart of Ankara. It was founded in 2012 by the Turkish Education Association (TED), which has been pioneering the development of education in Turkey since 1928. With an emphasis on liberal arts education, TEDU aims to foster graduates, who are creative, critical-minded, self-confident and well-rounded. The University consists of five faculties: Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education and Engineering, and English is the medium of instruction. TEDU is a progressive academic institution offering an integrated approach to higher education and a high quality student-focused educational experience. Through academically rigorous coursework, dynamic teaching, meaningful research, and a myriad of opportunities for students to engage locally and abroad we seek to build a diverse community of socially responsible, globally minded, lifelong learners. We hereby invite students who believe that they can be happy and productive in such an environment, to find out more about our University and to join our  family.



TEDU campus is located at the heart of the city; equidistant to every neighborhood of Ankara and next to arterial public transportation. TEDU offers a serene and comfortable education environment with a specially designed architecture that motivates students to study. Equipped with the highest technological infrastructure, TEDU assures students with the most efficient and effective technology. TEDU facilitates cultural activities in the student centers located at the campus and realizes a series of activities like club activities, concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, exhibitions and various performances.

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TEDU students can use the Semi-Olympic swimming pool, sports hall and the fitness center located at the campus during the week and the weekends without any restrictions. Our facilities also host a number of social and sports activities organized by student clubs and societies.


In case of any health problems, students can benefit from the Health Care Center located at the campus and receive examination and first-aid services free of charge. In emergency cases, the immediate treatment is done at the health care center and, if needed, transfer to the hospital is ensured.


TEDU has two student dormitories which are Mustafa Kemal and Gulseren. Mustafa Kemal dormitory has a capacity of 426 beds with two blocks, one for female, the other for male students. Gülseren dormitory is for girls only, it has a capacity of 93 beds. Students who receive full scholarship can benefit from the student dormitories, breakfast and dinner services free of charge. Our student dormitories are fully equipped to meet all the needs of students. All the rooms have bathrooms and the dormitories have areas for common use such as study, recreation and social activities. The students can choose the type of room they desire during their placement.

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The operation of the cultural center, which is fully equipped for all kinds of congress, seminars, conferences, meetings and cultural activities, is maintained by the University. The participants of the activities organized at the center can benefit from all physical and technical facilities available in the campus. The center is equipped with an audio, lightning, screening and recording system which enables live streaming.


The TEDU Library is placed in the Block B (basement) & D (3.&4. Floor) which covers an area of 1500 m2. Additional study rooms, lounges and meeting rooms are scattered throughout the university adding up to 1300 m2. The Library supports teaching, learning, and research at the university by providing a collection of national and international resources including print books, e-books, periodicals, e-magazines, multimedia collections, and academic online databases. For more information please visit


The Student Counseling Center was established to support the physical, social and academic development of TEDU students. It also aims to help students overcome the possible problems they face during their development process and find solutions and mentor them in making healthy and accurate decisions and realizing their potential. All the services provided at the center are scientifically designed and delivered in line with the professional ethics. The Student Counseling Center (SCC) offers services of individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, seminars and orientation programs for the new students regarding university and the system.


TED University considers internationalization one of the most important development indicators of universities. Since its establishment, TEDU has formed partnerships with overseas universities and institutions, welcomed international students and provided its students the opportunity to pursue a certain period of their education abroad, to participate in international projects and thus created an international environment.

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Social innovation is the name given to the innovative solutions that are developed for the existing social problems and the causes creating these problems. Since, the social problems and the causes of these problems are multi layered and complex, the social innovation processes need social engagement areas where people and sources from different areas can come together and apply principles of common sense, sharing, and solidarity. TEDU Center for Social Innovation develops in dialogue environment that makes it possible to transcend the borders between public sector, the private sector and the citizen sector. The aim is to develop productive, sustainable and fair solutions for social benefit.

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One of the primary objectives of TED University is to render the courses interactive, practice-based and learning-based in order to provide a rich learning environment where high-level thinking skills are integrated with the content of the courses. In order to reflect this institutional policy in practice, TED University has established a Center for Teaching and Learning, which supports students and faculty members. The tutor students working at the center support students who have difficulties in various courses.


TEDU-CEC aims to organize original and qualified certificate programs and seminars and trainings for young people who want to develop themselves in various fields after their undergraduate education, employees of businesses that change and develop every day and participants of all ages who believe in the necessity of self-development and help them discover themselves away from the stress caused by the ever-changing conditions of their professional lives.


Student Societies operate under the supervision of the Student Council, Dean of Students and an academic counselor. The societies have their own budgets, administrations and monitoring mechanisms and are administered by the students themselves.


TEDU Career Center supports students in adjusting to the professional life upon their graduation by providing them opportunities to communicate directly with the business world before their graduation. Its goal is to provide students the information that will help them to better evaluate their professional and academic choices and guide them to a right career path by making them discover their individual areas of interest through using their knowledge, skills and talents.


TEDU offers a pioneering e-university model, as the first of its kind in the world. TEDU Information Management System provides an integrated management and communication service for students, academics, administrators, university staff and all the related stakeholders of the university, including student candidates, alumni, families of students and project partners. TEDU students can make use of the IT services through the institutional portal, which offers personalized content and is the sole access point, and execute all their academic and administrative processes on the electronic media throughout their education process, while having on-line access to the library, health-care, sports, cultural and social services of the University. Students can also use the information sharing and cooperation networks for their student societies and social activities and have instant access to announcements, contents or services.