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Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University, which has adhered to the motto “Successful individual, successful community; happy individual, happy community”, designs its programs with the approach of “One step towards understanding humans”. In today’s rapidly growing and changing world, Üsküdar University aims to present educational programmes that feature the consciousness of being a global citizen with critical thoughts and an analytic mind-set. Our University, which is among the very few universities offering thematic programmes, aims to train the future leaders of the world. Since we are in Istanbul, the capital of civilization and cultures, signs and traces of this great city’s history reveal themselves through different cultures, DNAs, religions and languages in every district.


Üsküdar University, which is Turkey’s first and only thematic university in the fields of Behavioural Sciences and Health, offers several clinical and applied practice opportunities for students who are interested in Psychology and Health Sciences.

Our university, which offers an array of educational programmes of future professions, follows a “multi disciplinary approach” in Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Genetics, Communication, and Engineering Sciences. Üsküdar University offers a wide range of unrivalled postgraduate and bachelor programs such as every branches of Bioengineering and Neuroscience, experiments related to Behavioural Sciences, Research and Development studies, that all take place in its laboratories, which are as large as 2.500m2. Our university also offers various applied clinical practices at Turkey’s first and one of a kind NPISTANBUL Neuropsychiatry Hospital, together with Neuro-Marketing – the advance future marketing method in “Behavioural Genetics” and “Communication Sciences”.


Üsküdar University, which is in cooperation with distinguished universities around the world for student exchange programme and producing projects, is a member of the Erasmus programmes. Our university has 172 Erasmus agreements with 16 different European Union countries including UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.  

The Erasmus European Internship Consortia, in cooperation with the leading Nongovernmental Organisations, provides Üsküdar University’s Students the possibilities of internships abroad in industrial establishments and managements.


With an English preparatory programme called ALFSI and international agreements, our students are offered several opportunities. Üsküdar University provides its students with both preparatory and master’s programmes by means of its agreement with the institutes, universities and academies in England, the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany and even China under the guidance of ALFSI.

ALFSI Academy has an agreement with University of California Los Angelesextension, London College of Contemporary Arts, London School of Business and Finance, St Patrick’s College, Gisman Business School – Berlin, 360 GSP College, University of Massachusetts Darthmouth from Navitas American campuses, Simon Fraser University in Canada, and Anglia Ruskin University of Hertfordshire from English campuses so that our students may voluntarily attend the preparatory programmes of the relevant universities in both semesters or during the whole summer.



The e-library which is created to free-use PC and iMac computers is accessible to students with an aim to provide support for students’ research and help extend their information usage.


Ibrahim Tarhan Library at the Central Campus together with Muzeyyen Tarhan and Foreign Languages libraries at the Çarşı Campus aim at providing all sorts of source materials and put them into the service of students and the administrative stuff who need the academic, vocational and general culture information required for their educational and research activities.

  • Book collection over 34.000
  • 12.00 e-book
  • 18.00 e-magazine
  • 12 database subscriptions
  • Access to the other universities’ sources via ILL (Inter Library Loan)
  • Receiving the demands of articles and books within country with the service of document supplying – ULAKBIM
  • Access to the Library sources through online



In the laboratories of Üsküdar University there is hands-on training about several different subjects of behavioural sciences such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), neuroimaging, health physics and psychology software. There is a clinic substructure equipped with high technology for studies like "Brain Computer Interface (BCI)" and artificial intelligence in computer engineering branch. Üsküdar University provides the privilege of practicing in Turkey's first neuropsychiatry hospital NPISTANBUL Neuropsychiatry Hospital and Clinics along with training in laboratories with a huge academic staff who are experts in their field.

Üsküdar University maintains the laboratory and Research and Development investments and keeps working to accomplish the first Brain Park of Turkey at a great pace.


Üsküdar University’s 33 laboratories provide practical education and spread on an area of 2.500 m2. They include :

Operating Room Laboratory, Anatomy Laboratory, Anaesthesia Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Biomedical Technology Laboratory, Dental Prosthesis Laboratory, Dialysis Laboratory, Ergo therapy Practice Unit, Physiotherapy Technician Practice Unit, Phonetics Laboratory, Food Technology Laboratory, Cell Culture Laboratory, First and Immediate Aid Treatment Laboratory, Clinic Pharmacogenetic Laboratory, Clinic Neuroscience Laboratory, Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Cognitive Rehabilitation Laboratory, Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory, Neurobiofeedback Laboratory, Neuropsychopharmacology Practice and Research Centre (NPFUAM) Experimental Research Unit (ÜSKÜDAB), Neuropsychology Laboratory, Neurotechnology and Bioinformatics Laboratory, NP Altunizade Polyclinic Language-Speaking Laboratory, NP Altunizade Polyclinic Hearing Laboratory, NP Altunizade Polyclinic Voice Laboratory, Audiometry Laboratory, Optician Laboratory, Prothesis-Orthesis Studio, Routine Medical Analysis Laboratory, Fundamental Sciences Laboratory, Medical and Aromatic Plants Laboratory.


Our university offers its students unique opportunities for their internships and careers. Üsküdar University students are provided with the chance of gaining experience in our hospital and policlinics with the help of our experts in relevance to the departments during their education periods in order to reinforce their theoretical knowledge.


The Üsküdar University Girls’ Guest House is located within 200 meters walking distance of the Central (Altunizade) Campus. Students can choose to stay in double, triple, quad or quin rooms furnished with TVs, personal study desks and 24/7 internet access.

Besides, Üsküdar University can also assist students in arranging other suitable accommodations. 

Tuition fee for compulsory English preparatory program 5.000 USD
(EP) For working students, classes will be held after working hours.
Please note that in registration, TL equalisation of the Tutition fee will be calculated according to the rate of exchange of the registration day.